Tourism in Yavatmal

The city of Yavatmal is fraught with great places for you to see. The city has been a place where cultures and people from various parts of the world have left behind their marks for the posterity to see. This is a city where the past and present runs on parallel lanes. Different dynasties that have ruled this city over the past one thousand years have nurtured and crafted the city’s society and lifestyle. Monuments, great edifices that once glorified the colonial powers, ancient temples and mosques scatter around the city. Each has a story to tell you; each has a unique origin. This is what you would see in Yavatmal.

Travel in Yavatmal

The city of Yavatmal has been a predominantly agrarian society. The district as a whole is considered a tribal area. The predominant language spoken is Marathi.  

Travel in Yavatmal

Important religious places in Yavatmal

The city has a number of ancient and important religious places. Some of the most visited places include:

Chintamani temple
The Chintamani temple is dedicated to lord Ganesh. It is located in village called Kalamb near Yavatmal. The temple is so named because the word Chintamani is another name for Ganesh. Chinta in Sanskrit means ‘worry’ and the belief is that preying to the lord obviates all the worries. Every year there is a Chintamani festival in the temple which is one of the 21 Ganesh Kshetras in india.

Jagnath temple
Jagnath temple is another important temple in Yavatmal. The temple situates in Umarsara Area. People from all over the city throng at the temple to seek the blessings of its Idol - Lord Vishnu.

Mahadev temple
The Mahadev temple situated at the heart of Yavatmal city is believed to be 1100 years old. It’s an ancient Hemadpanthi temple of Kedareshvara. The shrine attracts tourists from around India due to its ancient entity.

Rangnath Swami Temple

Each year Shri Rangnath Swami Temple attracts many visitors and pilgrims to the city of Yavatmal. The temple is situated in a town called Wani, near Yavatmal. Wani is also famous for its cattle market.

Khojochi Mosque
Khojochi mosque is another important attraction in Yavatmal. The old mosque has been built for the native Muslim population to offer their prayers.

Tourism in Yavatmal

Attractions of Yavatmal

Apart from religious places the city also boasts of some very interesting attractions. For nature enthusiasts, Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary and Tipeshwar Wildlife sanctuary will be a great experience. The former is situated in the Umerkhed tehsil. Here you will see the rare species of animals and birds that are the pride of the Indian subcontinent. The Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary is situated in the Pandarkawada tehsil of the Yavatmal district.

Another important attraction in the Yavatmal city is the Prerna Sthal. It is monument built in memory of late freedom fighter Jawaharlal Darda. Sprawled over 80000 square feet, it contains a very beautiful garden.

Yavatmal is renowned for its scenic landscapes and picnic hotspots. Places like Borgaon Dam Jamwadi are visited by hundreds of people each day. Families and lovers come here to spend time together and in search of fond memories.

When to go

The best time to visit Yavatmal is from October to February. Summer in Yavatmal is very hot and visit at this time is best avoided. The city is well connected by road and rail. The city railway station is linked to Nagpur and Pune. Travel by air is also viable since Dr. Babashed Ambedkar international airport serves as the air link between Yavatmal and other major cities in India.
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