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Shopping in Yavatmal

Shopping in YavatmalThe cotton city is always ready to surprise you with new and innovative things. This is especially true when it comes to shopping. Being a vibrant place in Maharashtra it has also the flavor of the style and fashion of the state. Be it clothing or accessory, the city is always ready to present the shopping enthusiasts with the latest items. Shopping in the city can be really exciting and memorable. It offers wide varieties of malls and shopping centers to quench your thirst for shopping.

Mandis in the city offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Yavatmal presents many mandis. Anaj Mandi, Vegetable market are very famous among the locals.

Markets in Yavatmal

Local markets of Yavatmal are full of life. They remain busy with the hustle and bustle of the consumers and sellers. some of the notable market places of the city are Maa Durga Dava Bazaar, Indira Gandhi Market, Sanjay Gandhi Market, Cotton Market, Krishi Utpann Bazaar etc. These bazaars
are full with goods of different varieties. from clothing, jewelry, accessories to things of daily requirements, all are available here.

Maa Durga Dava Bazaar
It is a renowned area for medicine and all medical related goods. They offer various types of medicines for the businessmen dealing with medicine. This Bazaar offers the products at cheap prices.

Sanjay Gandhi Market
T-shirts, shirts, pull-overs, cargos, innerwear sweat shirts, formal shirts, party wears to the funky dresses, the market is full with all these things.  Denim is obviously one of the most favorite brands among the stylish men. Denim shirts and denim trousers are adopted as style quotients by the fashionable youth of the city.

Cotton Market
This is a renowned center for cotton costumes. Various types of dresses made from hundred percent cotton are available here. Price of the apparels depend on the quality and material . The market offers various types of dresses for men , women and kids.  From t-shirts, capris, jeans, designer dresses to fashionable saris, all these are available here.

Jewelry to Adore

From stunning golden jewelry to eye-catching diamond pieces, you can hardly move your glances from the wide variety of ornaments offered by the jewelry dealers. There are number of jewelry corners to explore in the city. Adarsh Alankar, Ambika jewelers, Ashish Jewelers, Bahad Jewelers, Agarwal Abhusan are some of the popular names in the jewelry industry of the city.

Adrash Alankar
Address –
Main Road, Yavatmal
Phone Number – 329305

Agarwal Abhusan
– Ram Mandir, Jaihind Square
Phone Number – 246572

Ambika Jewelers
– Main Road, Sarafa Bazar
Phone Number – 243193

Ashish Jewelers
– Sharda Square, Yavatmal
Phone Number – 651220

Bahad Jewelers
– Jaihind Square, Yavatmal
Phone Number – 248545      

Footwear for ultimate comfort and style

BK Shoes, Easy walk and Maharashtra footwear are some of the prominent names in the industry. They have gained much fame due to the wide collections of shoes. Quality is another crucial factor that helped them to maintain their position. There are many other shoe stores in the city.

Retail shops in Yavatmal

The cotton city offers number of retail shops. Vardhaman traders, Super Bazaar, Ganesh music center are some of the notable ones in the town.

Vardhaman traders
Various types of items are offered by them at market prices. Bargaining is allowed here.

Super Bazaar
It is one of the famous retail areas of the town. different types of articles are available for day to day requirements.

Ganesh Music Center
Music systems of different varieties are available here. Latest music CDs are available at correct prices.

Shopping Centers in Yavatmal

Large shopping centers are also there to make shopping more sophisticated and interesting. Let’s have a look at the popular shopping malls and centers in the city. ITC Choupal Saagar, The Raymond Shop, Riya Kid's Wear, Kasait Collection, Cotton County are some of the popular malls in the city.

ITC Choupal Saagar
Address: Bhumapan No. 15/2A, Village Parwa, 2nd Bypass,
Pandarkwada Road, Yavatmal,Maharashtra, 444505

The Raymond Shop
Plot No C-1 Midc Lohar Village, Yavatmal

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